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School Nutrition Providers

School Nutrition Providers

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American Dairy Association: Ohio School Breakfast Challenge

The Ohio School Breakfast Challenge encourages all schools to give their students the best start they can with a healthy breakfast. Starting the day with a nutritional breakfast helps students do their best.


The Opportunity: Nourishing Partnerships with School Organizations to Keep Milk a Key Part of School Breakfasts.

More than 30 statewide organizations in Ohio’s public education coalition join together to promote nutritional breakfasts. They multiply the impact and credibility of a program that positions milk as a leader in healthy school meals.


Our Services: Marketing and Communications, Public Policy Consulting

The Michael Collins Group provides marketing, public relations, media relations and marketing expertise to the ADA Ohio School Breakfast Challenge, working with Ohio educators to make the promotional and educational program a success.

School Health Advocates


The Ohio School Health Services Association

The Ohio School Health Services Association is an advocate for the Medicaid in Schools Program, as well as the overall growth and success of school-based health programs and services that help students succeed.

The Opportunity: Renewing the Promise of Access to Health Services in Ohio Schools

OSHSA provides advocacy and support to enhance, expand and improve the Medicaid Schools Program and the School-Based Health Center models, promoting service to student populations they are designed to serve. To do so, the many members of OSHSA — from school districts to health service providers — need a common voice and source of information. 

Our Services: Developing the Organization, Marketing, Public Policy, Communications

Michael Collins serves as Executive Director for OSHSA, providing strategic counsel, action plans and implementation for the organization’s marketing and communications initiatives. He facilitates meetings of the board of directors and has helped the group redefine its mission, vision and goals.

Nonprofit Organizations


Real Choice Ohio

Real Choice Ohio provides assistance to Ohio public school districts for the retention of students so that they have a successful education and graduate from high school.

The Opportunity: Tell New Stories of Success In Ohio’s Public Schools

Public school districts need to communicate the stories of student achievement and success in a way that underscores their commitment to education all children. 

Our Services: Marketing, Public Policy, Communications

The Michael Collins Group consults with Real Choice Ohio to build the organization’s capacity to provide research, create best practice materials and share experiences through training for public school districts.


Education First Credit Union

A full-service credit union, with three offices and $95 million  in assets, Education First Credit Union has an ongoing commitment to serve education professionals throughout its central Ohio service area.

The Opportunity: Raise the Profile and Reinforce Brand For a Reputable Resource in Personal Finance

The Education First Credit Union, with three offices in central Ohio and $95 million in assets, has the opportunity to deepen relationships with existing customers and use a successful and reputable brand to expand. The key avenue available: wider brand awareness among educators and their families.

Our Services: Marketing, Educator Engagement

Through promotional marketing and key events, the Michael Collins Group provides Education First Credit Union with expanding platforms of outreach and affinity with public school employees, expanding reach through cost-effective connections.

School Issue Campaigns


Support Ohio Schools

SOS provides proven successful strategies for winning school levy campaigns in Ohio. The organization provides on-site consulting assistance, strategic planning and voter data analysis to promote research-based school district levy victories.

The Opportunity: Proven Strategies for Winning Support For the Public Schools in Ohio Communities

Research shows that direct voter contact — in person, by mail and over the phone –pays off in successful school levies, while billboard advertising, cable television and other expensive vehicles might not work for your schools. If you have a coalition of key levy supporters, Support Ohio Schools will give your district every chance for a successful and supportive election.

Our Services: Levy Campaign Strategy, Organizational Development, Facilitation

The Michael Collins Group hopes to continue the growth of Support Ohio Schools. As a successful local levy campaign strategist and elected member of the Ohio Board of Education, Michael Collins adds significant strategic management experience to SOS.

School Districts 


Everett Public Schools 

Everett Public School District located in Snohomish County, WA with student enrollment of 21,000. Everett Public Schools' mission is to inspire, educate and prepare each student to achieve high standards, contribute to our community, and thrive in a global society.

The Opportunity: Improve Family and Community Engagement 

The National PTA reports that “the most accurate predictors of student achievement in school are not family income or social status, but the extent to which the family becomes involved in the child’s education at school.”

Our Services: Communication, Development, Facilitation, Navigation 

The Michael Collins Group consults with Everett Public Schools to develop and design organizational structures that enhance parent and community engagement at both the building and district levels. The ultimate goal is for Everett School District to establish and activate a district-wide philosophy and culture of family engagament throughout all facets of the organizational behavior.  

Executive Education Leadership 


Ray and Associates

Ray and Associates specializes in nationwide searches for school leaders, particularly the CEOs and Superintendents of major school districts, as well as principals, business officers and other administrative leaders in education.

The Opportunity: Tell New Stories of Success In Ohio’s Public Schools

In a time of significant challenges and changes in direction, school districts face new challenges in finding talent, commitment and compatibility in candidates for positions of school leadership.

Our Services: Executive Search, Public Policy, Communication 

Michael Collins has serves as the President for Ray and Associates and has served as an advisor for several significant searches in multiple states, providing input to school board governance and interviewing candidates and finalists.

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