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The Confronting EdChoice Voucher Project

The Confronting EdChoice Voucher project is a series of interactive, web-based conferences designed to help districts deal with the growing budgetary threat of EdChoice vouchers. The series will tell you everything you need to know to help prevent more state money from leaving your kids' pockets and going to unaccountable private schools.

A free, non-partisan voter education pro
Kids Voting Ohio

Kids Voting Ohio is a free nonpartisan voter education preparedness program for Ohio public schools. This program will offer students a pathway to lifelong voting habits and deep-rooted understanding of community, civic engagement and responsibility.

The State of Our Schools Podcast

The State of Our Schools Podcast explores and refines Ohio’s future, Education. Each episode discusses pressing education policy topics in Ohio and features interviews with Ohio education experts. Topics we have discussed on the podcast include school funding in Ohio, Ohio's voucher program, levy campaigns, and public school in the COVID-19 era.

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